Sonntag, 3. November 2019

20th International Conference of Chief Justices

The City Montessori School (CMS) in Lucknow / India has been working for the unity of the world and world peace for 60 years. It is worth remembering their Peace March on Hiroshima Day. This month, CMS is hosting the 20th International Conference of Chief Justices of the World (ICCJW-2019), with over 280 judges, leading lawyers and committed politicians from 73 countries. Judges from the International Criminal Court have also confirmed their participation. It is the largest event I know of at the moment, where it is intended to plead openly and straightforwardly for the political unification of mankind.

Right at the start, at the press conference on 6 November, Dr Jagdish Gandhi, founder and director of CMS, will renew his appeal to Indian Prime Minister Shri Nasrendra Modi to convene a summit of heads of state to unite the world's sovereign nations to secure the future of 2.5 billion children of the world and unborn generations and to establish a World Parliament similar to the European Parliament.

After a welcoming programme in New Delhi and the laying of a wreath at Mahatma Gandhi's grave, which will also be attended by leading representatives of the Indian government and regional dignitaries, the 20th International Conference of Chief Justices will open in Lucknow on 9 November. A "World Unity March" with CMS students will be held before the opening ceremony. The subsequent conference will include a comprehensive catalogue of topics divided into six groups. These include climate change, nuclear disarmament, United Nations reform, children's and women's rights, the creation of a World Parliament and interfaith dialogue. Click here for more information and the Conference Programme.

I would like to thank Mr. Shri Shishir Srivastava, Head of International Relations at CMS, for the detailed information I have summarized here. We can look forward to the results of the conference.

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