Freitag, 1. November 2019

Affairs of Mankind first

Tomorrow, 2 November, a meeting of activists from the Together First Campaign will take place in London, where anyone interested can take part. It was possible to submit proposals even if you are not attending the event.

The Together First Campaign, as a counterpoint to Donald Trump's "America First" and similar slogans by nationalist politicians, was initiated by the British Association for the United Nations. I informed the organizers of my proposal two weeks ago:
Dear friends
Unfortunately I can't be at the Together First Summit on 2 November. My English is not enough to take part in such a debate. I am therefore sending you my proposal, which I consider to be very important:
The problem is the absolute sovereignty of the nation states, including the member states of the United Nations. In order to eliminate the problem, something would have to be formulated and established that ranks higher than national sovereignty. I call this

The UN should become responsible for the Affairs of Mankind. Affairs of Mankind would thus become the sovereignty of the United Nations.
With best regards
Richard Maxheim, the Mondialist
Then I'm curious about the outcome of the meeting.

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