Freitag, 29. November 2019

Survey for Centerpoint Now 2020

Information of the UN2020 Initiative

The "World Council of Peoples for the United Nations" WCPUN is currently working on a new edition of "Centerpoint Now", which will be published in September 2020, coinciding with the UN General Assembly's 75th anniversary of the United Nations.

The theme "How our global institutions are adapting to today's challenges", including the perspective on the challenges of multilateralism, visions for the future, etc. This publication will be published in 10.000 copies and distributed internationally to UN member states and agencies, academic and cultural institutions, think tanks and other departments. The UN2020 Initiative wants to make a joint contribution to this. If you would like to participate, please fill out this Survey Form! That is what I have done. Here are my answers:

1) Why does multilateralism matter to you?
Multilateralism is the path to the democratic World Federation. The World Federation is the real chance for mankind's survival.

2) What is your perspective on the challenges for multilateralism?
The ever more urgent world problems force the states to multilateralism. The United Nations needs its own sovereignty for affairs of mankind.

3) What is your vision for the future?
My vision for the future is the democratic World Federation.

4) What are you doing to make that vision a reality?
I advertise this vision of the future on all channels available to me and try to convince all people who want a better world and are committed to it.

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