Montag, 18. November 2019

UN World Citizens' Initiative Campaign launched

Episode of 26 October

On 13 November in New York, the proposal for the World Citizens' Initiative was presented to 10 national UN missions at an event jointly hosted by the Canadian, Swiss and Malaysian UN missions. On Thursday, 14 November, the campaign was officially launched as planned in a kick-off event under the motto "We the Peoples".

"It took place opposite the UN headquarters, as symbolic place to represent how citizens are being left at the fringes of the international decision-making. The launch was attended by over 60 representatives from civil society and the UN."
Source: Newsletter of 18.11.2019
In the meantime, the number of supporting organizations from all over the world has risen to over 100. More supporters are needed, of course, because that is a big deal for the globalisation of democracy.

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