Samstag, 7. Dezember 2019

Human rights are not laws of nature

On Human Rights Day on 10 December

Especially now, during the debates on climate change, slogans like "Back to nature" or "In harmony with nature" are being heard more and more. Anyone who seriously demands this and doesn't just say it should be aware that nature is inexorable. It knows no justice and certainly no mercy at all.

In the course of evolution, since the human consciousness came into being, man has more and more freed himself from the circle of living beings, which are at the mercy of the processes in nature. He began to explore nature, to understand it, to make it usable and finally to overcome it. Much was done wrong, but also much right, otherwise we would still live in caves today.

Eleanor Roosevelt
Man took out the right to regulate things differently than nature dictated. One of the highlights of this development happened on 10 December 1948 in Paris, where the United Nations General Assembly decided to proclaim the "Universal Declaration of Human Rights". Since then, 10 December has been an annual international day of remembrance.

Nature is still not completely overcome. The "natural right" of the stronger is still a serious problem. It is no longer the muscles that constitute it, but destructive weapons. Just now mankind is again becoming aware of terrible mistakes that are revealed in the current climate crisis.

History goes on. In order to overcome nature, not to destroy it, but to protect it, to preserve our entire planet, to enforce human rights everywhere and to enable future generations to have a future worth living, we need the political unification of humanity in a democratic World Union. There is no other way.

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