Mittwoch, 4. Dezember 2019

Start the World Union small

If one talks about the political goal of Mondialism, the unity of humanity in a federal World Union, the question usually arises how this should or could be created. The ideal case would be, of course, if the UN were to develop into a democratic World Federation by its own efforts. But there are a number of known obstacles to this.

It is to be expected that the pressure of upcoming world problems will sooner or later force the majority of UN member states to do so. Most likely, democracy will then play a subordinate role. That is why it is very important to try to democratise the UN now. One instrument for this would be an elected parliamentary assembly, a World Parliament.

Another way would be for the World Union to emerge from a regional alliance of states. The possibility of a global expansion of the European Union has already been discussed. The Australian World Citizens' Association supports the idea of a Community of Pacific States along the lines of the EU. So there are many different ideas on how to start a World Federation.
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It may sound naive, but it is impressively simple: If something is to begin, at least one person has to start with it. It's called an initiative. We would have to find a country that takes the first step and invites other countries to build a World Union. That will certainly not be a large nation state trapped in its system. Smaller states are more likely to be willing to do so.

There are many small states, also known as Microstates, around the globe. If several of them, spread across the regions of the world, were to join together to form a Union, that would in principle already be a World Federation. In the digital age this should not be a technical problem. These are mainly island states with a striking commonality: They are already feeling the effects of climate change to a particularly great extent.

In view of this opportunity to begin the creation of a world union in this way, I propose that all groups and organisations engaged in World Federalism should look into it more closely. A scientific study would certainly be very helpful. This could lead to a joint campaign in the wake of the 75th anniversary of the United Nations, if the UN consultations do not produce the hoped-for results. If it seems impossible, we have to start small with the World Union.


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