Montag, 10. Februar 2020

World Citizens March stands still

"La Marche des Citoyens du Monde" was founded in 2013 by Olivier d'Argenlieu and a few fellow campaigners. It was not a march in the sense of a migration, but a movement for the political unification of planet Earth. The objectives of the initiators largely coincide with what we Mondialists want. Also the time horizon until the end of this century is realistic. In this sense, the people of "La Marche" are Mondialists.

However, a mistake was made, which I have seen in many such foundations. A few writings are published, a great homepage is published and then one believes that now many other World Citizens should join the project. But it does not work like that. Not even in the office of the World Citizens Registry (German), where the postal address of "La Marche" is also located, one showed interest. So the initiative was at a standstill from the very beginning. We discussed this in the World Citizens Forum (German).

It is also strange that the World Citizens Register, with which "La Marche" must have a relationship because of the address, is not mentioned on the homepage. Also other important initiatives with the same aims are not mentioned, as if the initiators did not know about their existence. This not only hinders the urgently needed cooperation, but also makes a dubious impression.

After the dissolution of "La Marche" was discussed last year due to age reasons, and because no team was found to succeed the coordination committee, an Annual Report (PDF) has now been published again. One has to criticize the magazine as well as the homepage. There is no indication of what is already happening in the world in the sense of "La Marche". Instead, there is an appeal to the younger generation to take over the project. How, that is unclear.

The matter should therefore be continued. It will then become clear whether it is making progress, or whether the march is treading water as before, or whether perhaps nothing is moving at all.
World Citizens' March to be continued.

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