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Asgardia – Igor in Wonderland

It would be hard to believe if you couldn't read it on the Internet and watch it on YouTube. Since 2016 there is supposed to be a new nation state named after a heavenly place from the nordic mythology: Asgardia, the Space Nation. Not on the habitable surface of the earth, however, but in the still uninhabitable space. The nation's territory so far extends only to one satellite in orbit, the size of a white bread.

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In the meantime, the organisation of the new state structure, which is still completely earthbound, has become even more extensive. There is a parliament, a government and a court of justice. The founder, Dr. Igor Ashurbeyli, was elevated to royal head of state in 2018 at an operetta-like ceremony in the Vienna Hofburg. It is said that more than 200,000 people have registered as Asgard citizens to date.

Flag, national emblem and anthem, everything is already there. They have also made their own calendar, which begins with the founding of the state. The parliament provides for the introduction of its own currency, for which a state bank must still be founded. The wish is to achieve recognition as a nation state by the United Nations through the formation of an economic power. However, this seems extremely unlikely.

Measured against such gigantic plans and the unity of the nation, the German Reichsbürger, as well as other founders of fantasy states, look meagre. But Asgardia is not less absurd because of this. However, the world view of the Asgardians differs diametrically from it. There is neither nationalism, racism nor sexism among them. Their philosophy is the unity of mankind. The vision to colonize space is absolutely correct in the sense of a Greater Earth.

Only democracy is lacking, because the founder of the state does not seem to think too much of it. You know, the Asgardians remind me a little of the Baha'i. They have also created a fictitious world state with their administration, with a God at the top. The Asgardians don't presuppose a god, because they are religiously neutral. On the other hand Asgardia is a real cloud cuckoo's nest. It's a pity about the power, all the money and time wasted. The cause would be more credible without the senseless theatre.
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