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The Democratic World Federalists (DWF) in Focus

The World Democratic Federalists, based in San Francisco, have existed as an independent association since 2004 and as such are members of the World Federalist Movement. We had been discussing the DWF in the World Citizens Forum (German) since September 2018, but even before that, in connection with the irrational activities of the World Constitution and Parliament Association (WCPA) and its President Dr. Glen T. Martin, we had our eyes on the DWF.
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In addition to the personnel links with the WCPA, other questionable facts emerged. Thus it became clear how conspicuously Dr. Roger Kotila, President of the DWF and Vice President of the WCPA, his quite justified criticism of US politics with elements from Russian state propaganda directed against the USA, NATO and Israel. His website EARTH FEDERATION is interspersed with corresponding texts and references. From his side Dr. Kotila has been providing the dubious Russian organization "peace from harmony" with contributions for years.

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In 2018 the situation seemed to change when Etienne Bowie took over the management of DWF and designed a new, professional website. Unfortunately, the old style has now also taken hold here. You only have to read the articles in DWF NEWS to find enough evidence for this. Here "alternative" media, such as the WashingtonTimes, published by the Moon sect, are also used as sources. Dr. Kotila, a well known conspiracy theorist, is sometimes used as a witness. Michel Chossudovsky assumes, according to Wikipedia, that the USA has a weapon for a new world order that could bring about climate change and claims to have known in advance about the 2004 tsunami ... beep-beep.

Regarding the San Francisco Promise, the "Director of Administration and Development" - in his comprehensive Annual Report 2019 (PDF) - comes to the conclusion:
"The key task that involved my assistance with the SF Promise, a project that started in 2018, was the promotion and continued outreach to other organizations in civil society to join the movement. This has not been very fruitful. I would suggest that we take another look at this project and reword the message because I don’t think the audience completely gets our motive with the SF Promise. I would suggest we back up the project into mini projects to make it easier to fully understand the mission."
I do not believe that these considerations are of any use. Serious civil society organisations will not get involved if they learn about the dubious background of the DWF. The DWF has so far not been noticeably involved in concrete activities to reform the United Nations, i.e. it has not shown any particular ability to cooperate. Their "movement" hardly goes beyond their Internet presence.

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Conclusion: The Democratic World Federalists are a small club of old men who imagine that they can create a new UNO by means of the "Earth Constitution" elaborated by the WCPA. Dr. Kotila even threatens to do so in an article, that unless the UN finally accepts his proposals, they are on the brink of failure. That borders on megalomania. It has been proven for decades that this does not work. So it is not surprising that they are not taken seriously by the public. And what is supposed to be so democratic about the DWF is not apparent either. This is really not a good advertisement for the urgently needed perspective of a democratic World Federation.

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