Sonntag, 10. Mai 2020

Project Model World Federation

As announced on 1 May, the search for the beginning of the World Union has begun. I have published a new website for it. The Project Model World Federation is to create the basis for it. Whether this strategy is parkable and works will become clear in the course of this year. The corona crisis is not a direct obstacle. For now, everything is happening via the Internet.

Of course, Likes in social media alone are not enough for this. The project needs actual participation. There are no guidelines. We first have to collect ideas that can be implemented in the foreseeable future. It should also be pointed out that the project can also transport other content, such as demands for reform and democratisation of the UN.

At present, I have started to write to World Citizens in the more than 40 small states that come into question, in order to win them as correspondents for the project. Since I have to search the addresses on the Internet individually, this will take some time. I would be grateful for hints and recommendations. In the NEWSBLOG of the new website I want to announce latest news about this.

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