Samstag, 23. Mai 2020

Who are the Mondialists?

Recently I've been asked more often who the Mondialists are and what organization is behind them. We have already explained some of this on our topic page "The Mondialists". The small group of Mondialists, which is responsible for this page and the linked topic pages and which has formulated the "Declaration Cosmopolis 2100", consists of only a handful of World Citizens, who were already involved in the World Citizens' Initiative at the end of the last century.
Logo of the Mondialists

At that time we were over 30 active members, most of whom have unfortunately passed away in the meantime. The members of our small group, from Germany, Luxembourg and Switzerland, are now at an advanced age. They are still with heart and brain, but they do not want to appear in public anymore. As the youngest member of the group I take care of that. But without their support, ideas and constructive criticism, I could not do it alone.

We have no ambitions to found an organization. We see our task only in propagating the absolute necessity of the political unification of mankind in a federal World Union. Furthermore, we support serious initiatives which are already working in this direction and we also try to initiate such initiatives ourselves. See currently the Project Model World Federation.

For our activities, which take place almost exclusively on the Internet, we do not have to be an organization. We do not need any significant financial means for this, which is why you will not find any request for donations. The 13 active websites we currently run, one website and forum in the archive and two active blogs are all free of charge. Everything is kept as simple as possible, without complicated designs. It's all about short, sober information and not about show effects.

As explained on the website mentioned at the beginning, we do not consider ourselves to be the only Mondialists in the world. Rather, all those who want the political unification of mankind and are committed to it can consider themselves Mondialists. It would be our greatest wish if all Mondialists would unite in a constructive network. This could result in a real World Citizens' Movement, as a driving force for the positive future of humanity.

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