Dienstag, 14. Juli 2020

Manifesto for a global democracy

The Buenos Aires-based initiative DEMOCRACIA GLOBAL aims to strengthen global democracy by promoting the existence of democratic institutions at continental, international and global level through the reform of existing organisations and the creation of new institutions. To this end, it promotes a peaceful and participatory process in which all people can participate as World Citizens.
We live in a time of profound technological and economic change. So far, the relevant public institutions have been unable to reflect the globalised world in which we live. The economy has been globalised, but political institutions and democracy have not.
To mark the occasion, the MANIFEST FOR A GLOBAL DEMOCRACY has been published in Spanish, English, Italian, French and German. The document contains everything the world needs now. This is the least that should be achieved as soon as possible.

I would call on all the Mondialists to sign and disseminate the manifesto.
There is a petition at Change.org

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