Samstag, 29. August 2020

Mondialism vs. World Federalism

Is mondialism the same as world federalism? That is a good question. On our website we have described it that way:

Mondialism is the sum of all peaceful aspirations for the political unification of humanity in a democratic and federal World Union.
But that is only the definition of a small group of Mondialists. It describes mondialism the way we would like it to be. Mondialism would be exactly translated with the somewhat unusual term "worldism". You could also call it globalism.

Old logo of the World Federalists

This does not automatically include world federalism, nor does it include democracy and peace. Thus, the forced unification of humanity under an all-dominant world power could also be seen as mondialism. Such "good" dictatorships appear in many science fiction stories, but are practically impossible due to the complexity of our world. The sensible Mondialists are left with only one option: the federal World Union.

That is why, by definition, we want to equate mondialism with world federalism. However, world federalism is not to be understood as mondialism in that sense. Indeed, there are also World Federalists who want to abolish all nation states. The global federation would then be a world redivided according to their ideas. That is just as impossible as a central world state. For Mondialists, today's nation states remain untouched and protected.

If I had the task of founding an organisation of Mondialists, I would pay particular attention to the fact that mondialism, in our sense, would be a special form of world federalism. There are too many confused, esoteric and hot-air merchants in the World Federalist scene. The development of a serious World Citizens' Movement should therefore be based on real facts and scientifically proven findings.

But this question does not arise at present. It rather looks as if the small group of Mondialists is in a lost position.


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