Donnerstag, 3. Dezember 2020

The Theory of Change by Democracy without Borders

Democracy without Borders (DWB) is an internationally active NGO, with offices in several countries. It is the promoter of the UNPA Campaign (often mentioned here in the blog) for a Parliamentary Assembly at the United Nations, has launched a campaign for a UN World Citizens' Initiative and is working on a platform for global debates, votes and elections. Based on these three fields of work, DWB has now developed a theory:
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TheTheory of Change (PDF)

It is about the creation of a democratic world constitution, with an elected world parliament, as the core of a world organisation, which must be endowed with the sovereignty necessary to regulate the affairs of mankind.

"This organization should have effective and universal authority over the regulation and management of issues of global concern in the best interest of humanity and life on earth. Our aim is a federal constitution based on the principle of subsidiarity that distributes responsibilities across different levels of government. The powers of the world parliament and the world organization should be limited to global matters that cannot be tackled at a lower level."

The goal should be achieved with intermediate steps until 2045, the 100th anniversary of the UN. According to a survey, the time seems to be right to start on this path now. Read more in an article by Andreas Bummel in the DWB Blog.

"To implement the Theory of Change, Democracy Without Borders seeks to establish a strong global organization with national chapters. We build and participate in coalitions and campaigns with like-minded partners to amplify the impact of our work. We commit to constant review and adaptation of our approach."
This all sounds very ambitious. Like any theory, the "theory of change" must prove itself in practice. Perhaps the Young World Federalists can help. They are currently discussing the approach of a future movement for world federalism.

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