Sonntag, 7. Februar 2021

Appeal to the believers of all religions

Today is the last day of this year's World Interfaith Harmony Week. See the previous blog post. Disharmony and strife between religions are, past and present, major obstacles on the path to world peace. That is why initiatives like this world week are so important.

To date, the world week has counted 653 registered events. The majority of these were virtual. Here too, the COVID-19 pandemic took its toll. Last year there were 1544 events. I participated for the Mondialists with the following appeal. 

Appeal of an agnostic to the believers of all religions

To offend God ist impossible

I am concerned that religion can still be misused to create disharmony, dislike, enmity and hatred between people. Therefore, on the occasion of this year's World Interfaith Harmony Week, I address the believers of all religions of the world.

Heaven is so great and God is above all

For this reason, it is impossible to offend God. The same applies to his prophets, to the holy books, to sacred objects and places, and to all spiritual leaders and people in the practice of their faith and religious traditions. All this is under the protection of a God who is supreme.

There is much to suggest that religion loses this protection when it is abused. This often happens with claims that the faith has been offended. Do not be deceived. All agitation, protests and violent reactions, sometimes even leading to death and destruction, are completely unnecessary.

To offend God and his religions is impossible

Show composure towards those who want to annoy you! Be ready for friendly dialogue with those who criticise! Be on friendly terms with believers of other religions and also with those who are not believers! Use the law to defend yourselves when necessary!

A heartfelt request to the religious leaders: Teach this in your congregations! In this way they make an important contribution to inter-religious harmony, to working together to overcome common problems, to world peace and to the unity of mankind in its religious and cultural diversity.

Richard Maxheim - for the Mondialists

The appeal has been published on Change-Org as a petition in English and German and can be signed by anyone interested. During the week I sent the link to the appeal via Facebook individually to 477 relevant groups and organisations with the following request:

As a contribution to the World Interfaith Harmony Week, this appeal is addressed to the believers of all religions. I sincerely ask that you support the appeal at Change-Org and share it within your means.

Of course, it will take some time until all addressees have taken note of the message on their Facebook pages and have decided whether they can comply with the request. I hope that this action will also make a small contribution to making the World Interfaith Harmony Week better known and that more groups will participate again next year.

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