Mittwoch, 24. Februar 2021

The Greatest Challenges of Our Time

This book describes the enormous risks that threaten humanity and our world today. However, the analyses in the book do not come from a scientist or politician, but from a man who gained attention and respect for his deep knowledge of risk assessment already in the 1970s on the Swedish stock exchange. When his expertise is applied to the world's current situation, an alarming picture emerges. (Text taken from GCF)

Author László Szombatfalvy, founder of the Global Challenges Foundation, reminds readers and decision-makers that we need long-term plans, not just short-term ones. We are responsible for our future. Long-term planning does not span just one generation.

I had read this book several years ago. It shows the inevitability of a future global legal order if we want to avoid the otherwise certain demise of our civilisation. The resulting logic is a powerful plea to work for the political unification of humanity in a federal World Union, even if the goal still seems a long way off. Urgent needs bring it ever closer. In dramatic circumstances, it can happen very quickly.

German first edition: László Szombatfalvy - Die größen Herausforderungen unserer Zeit - published in 2011 by Hoffman und Campe - ISBN 978-3-455-50256-5.

You can also download the text of the book as a PDF file:
German   and   English

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