Dienstag, 30. März 2021

World Citizens' Initiative – it's getting real

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Dear friends of the World Citizens' Initiative,

We have some great news: the World Citizens' Initiative was included in the UN75 Report. This official UN report specifically mentions the World Citizens' Initiative as one of the possibilities for reform and is currently on UN Secretary-General António Guterres' desk. The timing couldn't be better, because right now he is preparing his report "Our Common Agenda" that contain his proposals for UN reform

But this means that we have to double down now. In the coming months we'll have to intensify our campaign efforts to make sure that the World Citizens' Initiative is included in Guterres' final recommendations when he presents them to the General Assembly in September.

This is why our steering committee member Democracy International has launched a crowdfunding campaign for the World Citizens' Initiative.

Go to Democracy International's Crowdfunder

This is just the first step. In the next months we will need to build a broad alliance of civil society supporters, we will need to reach out to foreign ministries in as many member states as possible, and we need to do research and create materials. For that we will need resources and we will need to begin organising immediately.

Donate now to help us reach the next step!

This is a huge amount of work for our small teams at Democracy International, Democracy Without Borders and CIVICUS. We need your help now for print materials, translations, phone charges, postage, design and other materials and undertakings that cost time and human resources! Can we count on your support and your donation?

PS: Your help counts

The World Citizens’ Initiative as an official recommendation for reform by UN Secretary-General Guterres? With your help, this could already become a reality in September. Please support our work!


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